A integration pack for Opalis. Used for integrating with Active Directory. Source Code is available, check it out if you want to know how something works (or just ask). Creates the following Objects
  • Add User To Group
  • Create Security Group
  • Create Trust Relationship
  • Create User
  • Create Computer Account
  • Delete Group
  • Delete Trust Relationship
  • Delete User
  • Delete Comptuer Account
  • Disable Account
  • Enable Account
  • Enumerate Domains In Forest
  • Enumerate Objects In OU
  • Get Group Membership
  • Get Object Distinguished Name
  • Get Primary Domain Controller
  • Get User Group Memberships
  • Move AD Object
  • Remove User From Group
  • UnLockAccount

NEW in 1.2
  • Add Multi-Value Object Property Value
    • Adds an additional value to a multi-value property
  • Set Object Property Value
    • Sets a single-value property's value
  • Get Object Values
    • Gets the values of all properties of the given object

New in 1.7
  • Remove Multi-Value Object Property Value
  • Create Computer Account

These Objects are implemented using C# and the .net directoryservices library

See http://opalis.wordpress.com/2010/12/14/active-directory-integration-pack/ for more documentation

If you have any feature requests feel free to post them in the discussions area.

Other Integration Packs I have Authored

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